Keynote Motivational Speaking

Jill is an amazing industry and motivational speaker! It’s why we’ve had her speak at several of our film finance conferences over the years around the world including our main events in Los Angeles, Cannes and Zurich. She has a unique way of educating the audience about business trends while inspiring attendees on a creative and personal level - a great skill to have when speaking to audiences within the filmed entertainment world. She’s knowledgeable in production, marketing, finance and distribution and is one of the most dedicated, caring and generous people I know. It’s a real pleasure and such a huge honor that we have an opportunity to work with such a wonderful industry veteran!

Katherine J. Winston
Co-Founder & Managing Partner


University Guest Speaking

I’ve known Jill for eight years.  She was a panelist discussing film finance at a conference I attended.  I witnessed her tremendous industry knowledge, her spunk and passion for filmed entertainment.  I am always searching for industry experts to guest lecture in my undergraduate Entertainment Money Management and she was a perfect candidate.  Since then she has guest lectured multiple times in the class. She has also served as an informal course content advisor, helping me insure that course material addressing production, marketing, and distribution in the filmed entertainment industry is accurate and current.

Jill is an extremely personable, dynamic presenter with expert knowledge of and incredible enthusiasm for the filmed entertainment industry.  Her deep knowledge about the industry gives her the flexibility to go broad and/or deep on many industry topics including production, marketing, and distribution.  She always receives rave reviews from the many student audiences she’s addressed.  That’s no surprise: she’s smart, quick, inspiring, and approachable.  In their words: “she’s awesome”.  I agree.

Kim A. Tarantino, M.S., CPA
Director, Entertainment & Tourism Management Center
California State University Fullerton
College of Business and Economics


Inspirational Leader

Jill inspires with her positive outlook on life and her amazing intelligence. Her experiences as CFO of Fox Searchlight, as a minister at the Agape International Spiritual Center and as the founder of her non-profit GO SOULAR make her uniquely qualified to guide others to find their soul’s calling. Jill not only walks the walk but she can talk the talk. She is a gifted speaker who speaks from her heart.

Susanna Woods
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
Agape International Spiritual Center