Bring Jill to your organization to speak in any of these capacities:
  1. Keynote
  2. Motivational
  3. Guest Speaking
  4. Teaching
  5. Panelist
  6. Moderator
  7. Mentor
  8. Counselor
  9. Guide
  10. Visionary


Jill speaks about many topics and can tailor her talk specifically to your company's needs, such as these:
  1. The Independent Film Industry in Hollywood
  2. Women in Entertainment & Business
  3. Marketing & Distribution of Motion Pictures
  4. Tightening Controls While Empowering People
  5. Building an Effective Team to Achieve High Quality Results
  6. Excelling in Today's Competitive Environment
  7. Strengthening Corporate Structures
  8. Streamlining Spending to Optimize Profitability
  9. Cost-Cutting without Sacrificing Quality
  10. Inspiring Organizations with Positive Messaging


Jill speaks at a wide array of different venues, including the following:
  1. Film Festivals
  2. Executive Forums
  3. Summits & Conferences
  4. Entertainment Finance Symposiums
  5. CFO Leadership Panels
  6. Women in Business Seminars
  7. Corporate Retreats
  8. MBA Program Events
  9. University Classrooms
  10. Campus Events & Student Activities
  11. Career Days & Job Fairs
  12. Non-Profit Volunteer Workshops

Inspire Your Team!

Whether you are having a company retreat or a more formal corporate function, and would like to motivate your group, bring Jill in to inspire them with her uplifting messages.  Call us to customize her talk specifically to your organization!

Thinking About It?

If your company is interested in having Jill Gwen work directly with your team to help strengthen internal controls, streamline spending and improve profitability, or speak at a company or campus event, call us for a free initial consultation.