Jill can provide your company with the following basic financial needs:

  • Overhead budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial variance analysis
  • Production and distribution review
  • Marketing plan and budgeting recommendations
  • Improving effectiveness through streamlining spending
  • Creating short and long-term objectives
  • Maximizing bottom line profitability


By reviewing your company's overall position, Jill can analyze and recommend operational improvements such as these:

  • Solidify management teams with corporate restructurings
  • Improve workflow efficiencies
  • Reduce excessive spending through contractual renegotiation
  • Advance competitive standing in marketplace
  • Improve interdepartmental communication
  • Uplevel production through motivating teams


Jill's expertise in strategic management can benefit your organization by offering the following:

  • Provide comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Analyze current market share
  • Identify trends in your specific industry
  • Improve outreach through online presence
  • Aspire to greater heights with targeted marketing plans
  • Expand publicity efforts to broaden customer base

Tailoring to Your Needs

We are happy to help your organization with any financial or operational issues, big or small!  Jill thrives on helping companies improve their workflow and efficiencies - she is here to help!  So give us a call and let's discuss how Jill can work with you to make improvements and reach new heights!

Dedicated to Your Success

Jill Gwen Consulting is rooted in commitment. Throughout her years in executive management, her dedication, motivation and diligence have resulted in great success. Let her experience and knowledge help your organization too.  Jill is dedicated to helping you succeed!

Next Steps...

If your company is interested in having Jill Gwen work directly with your team to help strengthen internal controls, streamline spending and improve profitability, or speak at a company or campus event, call us for a free initial consultation.